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MAANS PRODUCTS (INDIA) presents its unique in the world Herbal Filter Puff Inhaler. The product is the outcome of 25 years of persistent research based on the principles of Ayurveda.

Switchover to Herbal Filter Puff Inhaler -- It's GOOD for your health!!

In each Herbal Filter Puff Inhaler, there is a select blend of herbal ingredients Like :


The Benefits of Herbal Filter Puff Inhaler :
- Helps body's defense mechanism work against diseases.
- Real rejuventor.
- Induces a sense of well being and helps concentrate mind due to   its herbal contents.
- A throat cleaner, thus enhances sonority in a singer's voice.
- No nicotine--hence, no harm to the health.
- No paper to burn--hence, no harm to the health.
- Long-lasting pleasant smell of smoke.
- No bad breath.

NIRDOSH is taking the country by storm since smokers can now enjoy a great tasting cigarette without any nicotine.

Our NIRDOSH Cigarettes (Herbal Filter Puff Inhaler) are the highest quality non-tobacco smokes in the world. They are filtered and look and smoke just like tobacco cigarettes.

FREE Shipment All Over World

Packets Price in US Dollar
20 Packets (400 Sticks)
US $ 50
40 Packets (800 Sticks)
US $ 90
60 Packets (1200 Sticks)
US $ 132
120 Packets (2400 Sticks)
US $ 217
160 Packets (3200 Sticks)
US $ 298
Terms & Conditions :

- 100% Payment with Order Confirmation.

- All the Law will be applicable as per Indian Goverment.

- FREE Shipment All Over World

Switchover to Herbal Filter Puff Inhaler -- It's GOOD for your health!!

Kindly convey this healthy message to your addicted friends too!

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