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Message From N. M. Bhavsar


World's First filter puff inhaler NIRDOSH
Herbal Filter Dhoompan (Smoking)

Thank you and my best wishes on picking
up a unique product that has taken
almost 25 years of tireless effort and
endeavour to bring before you today.

" I Started my career as a Tobaco Manufacturer & Merchant and used to manufacture Tobaco Bidi like a Cigarette but after some serious health problem caused by frequent smoking of BIdi & Cigarette I realized that I needed to put all my experience in developing something for the world that is truly tobaco & nicotine free yet would give the same joy and feeling of Smoking. The task was tough but with zeal to give myself & to the world a unique product. I Researched for years the ancient science of Aryuveda (India's ancient science of healing.:

Nirdosh is truly a herbal product where each stick is hand made. - Based on charak samhita. (Ancient classical Text on Ayurveda) such as.

• Basil • Clove • Liquorice • Turmeric • Gangal • Tenduleaves • Indian Cinnamon • Bishops Weed • Indian Badellium

Nicotine, Tobaco & Worry Free Product

Nirdosh helps body's defense mechanism against diseases - Nirdosh is real rejuvenation. Nirdosh acts beneficially on all system specially on gastrointestinal & respitory systems on the gastrointestinal tract. where it relieves belching, bloating & constipation. It relives symptoms of sinusitis & bronchitis because
of such holistic benefits, demand for Nirdosh is increasing by leaps and bounds not only in india but even in developed countries

Nirdosh Herbal Filter Dhoompan is well recommended by doctors, vaidyas and various research institute world wide.

I have been using "NIRDOSH" since 25 years and I felt the above mentioned effects in my body. I ask you to experience the same benefits by using "NIRDOSH" in your life & to kindly let me know your experience so that we can improve and carry our Nirdosh further to the world together.

N. M. Bhavsar

Manufactured by : MAANS PRODUCTS (INDIA)
244, Pittiiya Bamba, Gheekanta Road, Ahemdabad - 380001 India.
Ph. +91-79-2565 4733, 2562 0537 • Fax : +91-79-22173858
E-mail :

Best Wishes from India

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